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Tiger Tusker & Temple Trail, from Goa



  • Destination: Karnataka

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Price: Rs – 9500

TIGER,TUSKER & TEMPLE TRAILS will let you have a lifetime experience to catch the wild in action. You’ll get to see the elephants and tigers engrossed in their daily chores and enjoying their lifestyle. During this tour we will take you to different sanctuaries Elephant Training Centers where you can get an insight of the life of these wild animals, the way they are trained, the way they intelligently do the tasks and certain other interesting activities too. You can even enjoy safaris during the tour. It is really fun to watch the wild species doing interesting activities




Tour Begins

Pick-up from North & South Goa by coach to Margao railway station at 10:00, transfers by non-a/c coach, or car, Transfers take 45 to 70 minutes, depending on the location of the hotels.

Train journey starts at 14:25 hours (distance 345 kms) (travel time 270 minutes) by local train from Margao to Udupi railway station.Travel for four and half hours by non a/c local passenger train from Margao railway station. Departure at 14:25 hours, with regular halts at all stations. Packed sandwiches and one juice will be served on the train.

Arrival at Udupi Station.
(Distance 3 kms) (Travel time 15 minutes to hotel).
Arrival at 19:00 hours. Board a coach or car outside the station and drive to the resort which is 15 minutes away …

Allocation of Rooms.

Hotel provides twin sharing, non-a/c & a/c rooms attached bath with hot water, television, telephone, room service & swimming pool. Refresh in the room & get set to visit the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, one of the famous pilgrimage destination.

Buffet dinner/ a la carte at restaurant 20:30 hours. Food will be served in the restaurant.


DAY 2 – Adventure

WAKE UP CALL at 05:00 hours. Leave hotel at 05:30 hours.

Pick Up
05:30 hours by non a/c coach or car Tiger & Tusker trails begins…
(Distance 61 kms) (Travel time 80 minutes) (Visiting time 15 minutes)
07:00 hours, breakfast at Agumbe Ghat

Agumbe Ghat
Built by the British in 1839, 84 kms from Shimoga. Agumbe Ghat covers fourteen hairpin bends to reach the topmost point & has an eagle’s view of the entire valley below. (9 kms)
Breakfast will be served at a cafe (Distance 110 kms) (Travel time 150 minutes) (Visiting time 45 to 75 minutes)

Gajanur Wild and Rouge Elephant Training Re-Habitation Center.

It takes three hours to reach the elephant training school due to narrow roads & speed limits. The elephants have to be sent to the forest for their daily feed and to be in the wild. We have to be there by 11.00 hours sharp, or else we miss the elephants… to wash.

Proceed to Tiger and Lion Reserve. (Distance 21 kms)
Thavarekhoppa Wild Tiger & Lion Reserve. (Re-Habitation Center)
At the tiger safari, pay for your video & still cameras at the main gate. Board the safari coach and drive to the the safari to spot tiger, lions and other animals in their natural habitat.

Proceed for Lunch
Distance 7 kms, (Lunch time 1 hour) lunch pure veg thali at Shimoga.
Stop for refreshments & restrooms.
Back to the hotel refresh in the room or go swimming

Dinner buffet at restaurant 20:30 hours, food/dinner will be served in the restaurant.

DAY 3 – Return

WAKE UP CALL AT 6:30 hours
Breakfast buffets at restaurant 07:00 hours.
Departure to railway station 7:30 hours, train departs at 8:10 hours.
Train journey to Margao arrival 13:00 hours.
Arrive at Margao railway station at 13:00 hours.
Board the car or coach outside the station.
Drop to hotel of South & North Goa.


*Available 2 nights & 1 night



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